What is NEBS testing all about then?

NEBS stands for the Networking Equipment Building System. It is a required testing system for telecoms equipment installed to customers’ premises, centralized office facilities and outside of plant facilities. Tests are carried out in order to ensure network integrity and the continuous operation of telecoms networks. The nebs testing processes are compliant with the Telcordia GR 1089 and GR 63 COREs.

nebs testing

These industry standards are applicable and available to all telecoms service network providers across the country. Test reports are run to ensure that the systems being used are compatible to the service provider’s installation networks. The systems deal with EMI possibilities, in the form of emissions, lighting, electrical safety, immunity, AC power faults, corrosion activity, bonding and grounding.

DC Power Requirements are also catered for, alongside of altitude, fire resistance outcomes, spatial criteria, earthquake possibilities, equipment handling requirements, typical office vibrations and airborne contaminants. Acoustic noise is also sounded out. And illumination is blocked out, as the case may be for the business concern. See all this as an important part of risk management principles and practices.

It would be too easy for a commercial consumer to do otherwise. It has to be said that it can be done and, quite frankly, still is being done. Consumers, commercial customers in this case, are doing as they please. Instead of going along with authorized NEBS testing initiatives, they are relying on the so-called fly by nighters. Not only are they placing passersby in harm’s way, they are also placing their business and the business of others at risk too.

They are damaging reputations, their own in particular. And today, no business can afford to be without a telecoms system that is not working like, how to put it, clockwork.